Fishguard Storytelling / Straeon Gwaun

The Empress of Ice Cream  

Wednesday 10th October 7:30pm

                                                                                      Cafe open from 6pm

Storyteller- Christine Watkins

Musician - Sianed Jones

A brand new tale from the 70s with ingredients mixed by the Empress herself!  Expect multi-layered soundscapes and twists and turns that will surprise and delight...
          (Audience responses:  "Witty and fascinating"  "thought-provokingcharmed"  "A Welsh version of Patti Smith and Sarah Millican meeting for chat!")

Ymerodres Hufen Iâ

Chwedlwraig - Christine Watkins

Cerddor - Sianed Jones

Stori newydd sbon o'r 70au...  yn dod atoch o bellter byd a chynefin yr ymerodres ei hun.  Haenau o sain a swyn i'ch diddannu...
(Sylwadau o'r gynulleidfa "... llawn hiwmor a dirgelwch"  "yn feddylgar ac yn hudol"  "fel Patti Smith a Sarah Millican yn cwrdd a chnoi cil"