The month of Change

UITSLOVER          OFFSET BY VIVID GREEN                                                                 SIX IN CONVERSATION [sic]              LARVIS


March,  the month of change was a very exciting month of new arts openings and events that brought new dimensions into the spaces at the West Wales Arts Centre and PEPPERS. With successful collaborations of both local and international artists coming together to bring in new visual changes to the space and areas we are looking forward to exploring more of this later on this year. With Artists involved from some of the top arts academies/colleges in the Uk and Europe, Slade School of Fine Art – UCL , Central Saint Martins – UAL Gerrit Rietveld Academie it was a new change to bring in today’s current arts students & grads to work with the space and also explore the surrounding areas, there has already been discussions of furthering projects together and possibly even the talk of creating future residencies here in north pembs. The introduction of change in mediums was positively received through the 3 different shows, uses of print techniques, video art, sculpture, installation and performance art were all in place at different times over the month. From this new change in approach to space and mediums, we will look to develop and establish new works and commission art works to respond to this area in particular and seek to collaborate across a local & international field.  Lithographs at West Wales Art Centre Offset by Vivid Green at West Wales Art Centre Offset by Vivid Green at West Wales Art Centre _DSC7032 Lithographs at West Wales Art Centre


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Offset by vivid green exhibition – Rebecca Loweth

Performance by Lea Collet & Marios Stamatis

Six in conversation [sic] exhibition – Janie Harrison, penny d jones, Sian Jones, Ro Rogers, Ruth Sargeant and Philippa Sibert

Private View 11th March 5-7pm

with performance by Lea Collet & Marios Stamatis //

12th March 2pm Artist talks from Rebecca Loweth and Six in Conversation [sic] and performance by Lea Collet & Marios Stamatis

In Offset by Vivid Green, Rebecca Loweth has responded to local anecdotes about the history of Myndd Pencarreg where she lives in Wales.
Loweth explores the slippage between fact and fiction inherent in the re-telling of local histories and considers how the landscape is romanticised by these stories. She focuses in particular on stories she has heard in connection with the impact on the landscape of the area following the First World War.
Lea Collet & Marios Stamatis will be responding to Loweth’s film Offset by Vivid Green, through a performance that they will stage over the opening weekend of the exhibition.

SIX IN CONVERSATION [sic] came together around the time of the previous Women’s Day exhibition at Peppers. Taking part as individuals in a mixed show on that occasion, they are back to mark Women’s day in 2016, with their first exhibition together.
With a common language rooted in Abstraction, this conversation reflects differing perspectives and an exploration of ways of working apart from the more traditional modes of expression. It is a conversation that considers how each fits within contemporary art dialogue and is a catalyst for change and opportunity.
As a forum for supporting each other as women, and providing the encouragement to focus on their professional lives, this conversation is fundamentally reflective of the ethos of International Women’s Day.















Artists from the Gerrit Rieveld Academie will be opening their exhibition UITSLOVER at West Wales Arts Centre and hosted by PEPPERS.

Expect to see some great work with artists  from, Amsterdam, Jerusalem, Tallinn and Reykjavik working in different forms of print including Silk Screen, Lithograph and Etchings.

Hrafnkell Guðmundsson              Reykjavik

     Stefán Hjálmtýr Stefánsson                  Reykjavik

         Oded Rimon                                             Jerusalem

Kaspar Sellin                                         Tallinn






Pre Theatre Meals for the live Theatre Shows at Theatr Gwaun have been introduced, with a great deal on offer for audiences to have a quick bite from 5:30pm with just a short walk up to the theatre with shows usually kicking off at 7pm, it is a pleasure to be able to work together in this way to offer audiences a complete night out.

Some News, Thoughts & Updates

January already flying us by in pools of rain with the odd clear day to saviour. It is great to see people getting out and about despite the weather and dropping in for a speciality coffee in Pembrokeshire, the rise of the flat white is still growing here and one of our aims is to bring the speciality coffee scene to Fishguard.

Having just recently visited two of the most exciting coffee roasters in Wales, The Welsh Coffee Company & Coal Town Coffee it is motivating to see them further developing their businesses which in turn means that customers are going to experience a continuing range of quality coffees that are sourced from individual farmers and made with passion and understanding of the product.

It has to be said that the whole of the Food & Drink is really pushing through in the UK, with a real drive towards social regeneration, boosting the local economy and generally putting a smile on people’s faces.

Here at PEPPERS we source Local produce from Pembrokeshire, we want to grow our relationship with the place that we are from pouring Craft Beer & Ales from Pembrokeshire Micro Breweries and always including quality ingredients into our homemade cakes and fresh produce for our simple but tasty lunch menu, nothing is brought in, everything is made here in the kitchen at PEPPERS.

Yesterday when driving back from Coal Town Coffee Roasters there was  an interesting  show on Radio 4 on the rise of the Cardiff food scene over the last years, somehow feel that we are at the beginnings of something similar here!